Triple win project

Germany is continuously hiring male and female staff nurses, and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration POEA is once again leading the recruitment of qualified applicants for deployment.

NSZ i projekat Triple Win traže radnike za zdravstvenu negu

Triple Win Project is implemented on the basis of an agreement between the German Federal. Applicants must have German language proficiency or willing to undergo German language training in the Philippines to attain Level B1 to be paid by the employer and must be able to attend the language class in April and May ; or with Bl or B2 Language Proficiency Level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The employer will pay the visa and airfare from the Philippines to Germany and will assist the employee find a suitable accommodation. The selected nurse will bear the expenses in full or in part of the board and lodging. Qualified applicants should register online at www. Ople Bldg. Applicants are required to present their original documents for authentication of written information before forwarding the resume to the employer.

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Like this: Like LoadingScammers are reportedly enticing applicants with fake nursing job offers in Germany under the so-called Triple Win Project, a state-backed initiative that facilitates employment of Filipinos in the European state. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration POEA issued a statement on Tuesday to clarify that it is the only authorised government agency that handles the deployment of medical workers through the programme.

Administrator Bernard Olalia discouraged nursing candidates from submitting their application, as well as personal information, via online. The POEA encouraged all jobseekers to stay vigilant against fraudsters posing as recruiters, and to report any suspected illegal recruitment activities to POEA.

At least nursing jobs in Germany were opened last year for Filipinos through the Triple Win Project. However, no job openings through the programme have been officially announced by the POEA since July last year. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Sunday, April 19, All Sections. Nearly 50, new jobs open in Dubai in 9 months, says new report.

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triple win project

To find out more about the cookies and data we use, please check out our Privacy Policy. Share on Facebook.All projects are carried out under certain constraints — traditionally, they are cost, time and scope. These three factors commonly called 'the triple constraint' are represented as a triangle see Figure 1. Each constraint forms the vertices, with quality as the central theme:. More recently, the triangle has given way to a project management diamond: cost, time, scope, and quality are now the four vertices, with customer expectations as a central theme see Figure 2.

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Sustainable recruitment of nurses (Triple Win)

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triple win project

The adage, Fast — cheap — good: You can have any twohas more than a grain of truth.Triple Win. Placement of qualified nurses from the Philippines in Germany. Triple Win — Through labour migration, everyone wins: you as a professional, your country of origin and Germany. Project basis. What does the Triple Win project offer? Who is responsible? Who is eligible to participate? Do I have to pay a fee to participate in the project? How and where can I apply?

Which documents do I need to include in my application? Does my professional training need to be recognised in Germany? How does the selection process work? What do the professional and German language preparations involve?

How are candidates placed with a German employer? What does the employment contract look like? How do I apply for a visa and for a residence permit in Germany?

How long will my residence permit be valid? May I bring my family with me? What kind of support will I receive for my integration in Germany? What will happen to my social security contributions if I return to the Philippines? There is no legal entitlement to participation in the project. Triple Win Bewerberinformation. Moreo- ver, the countries of origin obtain know-how transfer in the long term. The individual language and professional preparation of the nurses, and their integration into German society benefits employers, because they are provided with well-prepared and qualified employees.At the same time, there are not enough jobs for qualified nurses abroad, especially in countries outside the European Union.

This has advantages for all three sides. Nurses are able to live and work in Germany under fair conditions. In Germany, meanwhile, hospitals and care facilities are able to fill their vacancies with qualified staff.

The project is only working with countries that have a surplus of well-qualified nurses.

triple win project

These agencies provide information to nurses who are interested in the scheme and put them in touch with the project. Jobs are advertised in the countries of origin around twice a year. Once the nurses have submitted their applications, ZAV carries out selection interviews with applicants in their home countries. Here, questions focus on their training and professional experience as well as their personal motivation and suitability.

German skills also play an important role. At the next stage, selected applicants are introduced to interested employers. Interviews are conducted in the home country, by Skype or over the telephone. This enables both parties to gain a personal impression of each other. If the interview is successful, an employment contract is drawn up. This includes language courses up to advanced level and a four-day nursing course. Staff at the hospitals and facilities prepare for the arrival of their new colleagues by attending an integration workshop.

During the first year both the employers and the nurses can call a telephone hotline if they have any problems. Since the project started inmore than 3, nurses have been recruited and above 2, have started work already. Over facilities have made use of the placement scheme.

After six years, the programme is now well established and has gained recognition also at international level. The nurses themselves also recognise the benefits of the project — in spite of the initial challenges of learning German or getting their qualifications and training recognised.

They feel well integrated and have grown both professionally and personally. Many of them have already completed advanced training, laying the foundations for a successful future in Germany. The services provided by GIZ draw on a wealth of regional and technical expertise and tried-and-tested management expertise. GIZ works to shape a future worth living around the world. Its corporate actions are guided by the principles of sustainability. In addition to two registered offices in Germany and two representations in Berlin and Brussels, GIZ operates from around 90 offices worldwide.

In addition to the shareholder and the supervisory board, the management board is one of the three statutory organs of a limited liability company under German law GmbH.

GIZ makes data and documents available to the general public on its work, the impact of its work, financial results and staff numbers. The Board of Trustees advises the company on key issues relating to its development.

The Board has up to 40 members who are appointed for a five-year term and who act in an honorary capacity. The Private Sector Advisory Board provides a platform for dialogue between the private sector and international cooperation organisations.

It consists of representatives of business and industry associations. They form the basis for the trust placed in us by our clients, partners and staff. Our integrity advisors are are impartial, autonomous and bound by confidentiality. They can be contacted by clients and GIZ staff alike.Looking for a job? Why not try your luck with the POEA project who needs nurses to work in Germany to fill up vacancies for ICU, general ward and geriatric care wards?

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration is now accepting qualified applicants for nurses for deployment in Germany under the Triple Win Project. This time needs qualified applicants to fill up its vacancies for ICU, general, and geriatric care wards.

Qualified applicants must: be a Filipino citizen and permanent resident of the Philippines with Bachelor of Science in Nursing four years professional educationactive Philippine Nursing License and at least two years of professional experience as a nurse in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and care institutions.

Applicants must have German language proficiency and is willing to undergo German language training in the Philippines to attain Level B1 to be paid by the employer or with Bl or B2 language proficiency level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Successful candidates shall have a starting monthly salary of 1, gross and an increase to 2, after recognition as a qualified nurse. The employer will pay the visa and airfare from the Philippines to Germany and will assist theemployee to find a suitable accommodation.

The selected nurse will bear the expenses in full or in part of the board and lodging. Qualified applicants should register online at www. Ople Bldg. Applicants are required to present their original documents for authentication of written information before forwarding the resume to the employer.

Source: POEA website. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Apr 18th, FB IG. Search for:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. By OFW Staff 2 years ago. Guide News. Add to your Homescreen!Business is increasingly regarded as a key player in leading nature conservation. Imagine protecting threatened wildlife, empowering local communities in the process and doing it all through a premium organic coffee brand.

NSZ i projekat Triple Win traže radnike za zdravstvenu negu

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